How to Measure Door Width for a Sectional

With these easy-to-follow steps, you can be sure that your sectional will fit inside your home when you measure the width of the door.

1. Check for Removable Parts

In spite of the fact that most sectional sofas may appear sleek and unified, they are usually composed of a series of smaller pieces that are attached together to form one larger one - they are actually made up of several smaller pieces that are all joined together to form one larger one. As a result, you are able to arrange your living room seating in a way that most suits the space you have - and you are no longer stuck trying to fit an entire sectional through a doorway.

2. Measure Your Doorway

It is very important to measure the width of your doorway before you begin looking for sectionals, as well as any narrow hallways or nooks that you must pass through in order to get to the area where you wish to place your sectional before you start browsing. If you start shopping for a sectional, be sure to write down your measurements, and have them on hand in order to reference them when you start looking.

3. Measure Each Piece of the Sectional

It is best to go to the store in person to find out the exact measurements of your sectional in order to get the most accurate measurements. Take note of the sectional you are considering for purchase, and make sure you measure the height of each of the separate pieces (if the cushions are not removable) by using a measuring tape. If the legs of the sectional are removable, then do not include the legs in the measurement. If they are not removable, then do not include the legs in the measurement.

The only measurement you need to take for each piece of the sectional, if it is composed of several pieces, is the height. This measurement will be different for each piece of the sectional. The reason for this is that the easiest way for a sectional piece to fit through a door is to turn it on its side, so that the back is parallel to the ground.

It is important to read the product description for the height of the sectional in case you are shopping online and unable to see it in person. The dimensions of the sectional will give you an idea of how much space it will take up on the other side when you turn it over.

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